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Is Pakistan Maturing With Time    by Anurag Sharma

Since the very basis of the creation of Pakistan was religion, it was normal for the government of Pakistan to support religious fanaticism. The military dictators supported religious terrorism all over the world until US threatened to send them to the stone age after the tragic incidence of 911. Things have changed since. The military dictatorship of Pakistan took a U-turn from their earlier stand and turned the guns against the terrorists whom they nurtured so far. The change in Pakistani stand was so sudden that not only it surprized the people outside Pakistan, it provided a pleasent surprize to the peace loving common Pakistanis who were fed up with the daily blood shed.


Not only Pakistan is getting strict with terrorism, it seems to be maturing in its hitherto extreme fundamentalist mentality too. Pakistan recently announced the recruitment of Harcharan Singh as the first Sikh soldier in Pakistani army. Some Parsi and Christians have already serving the Pakistani army though not able to reach any high rank.

Harcharan Singh is the first Sikh in Pakistani army

After violent protest against the current chief justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohd Chaudhary, Pakistan used its only Hindu judge Justice Bhagwan Das Rana to face the wrath of the opposition. Justice Rana took oath on March 23, 2007. He had been sidelined until now in spite of being the senior most judge of the supreem court of Pakistan. Justice Rana is first Hindu to be allowed to reach such a high position in Pakistan since its cessation from India.

राणा भगवान दास - Rana Bhagwan Das is the first high ranking Hindu in Pakistan       Allurez

Whatever happens, recent changes in Pakistan indicate that even the worst governments have to change with time. But then, how slow they could be?

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