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Canton Avenue, Pittsburgh; World's Steepest Street    by Anurag Sharma

Canton Avenue in Beech View (Pittsburgh) has a slope of  37% grade. This ordinary looking number is actually pretty big for a slope on a driveable road, so big that it turns the inconspicuous Canton Avenue into the steepest road in entire USA.


According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Baldwin Street in New Zealand is the steepest road in the world. But the slope of Baldwin Street is recorded as having an average slope of slightly over 1:5.

Pittsburgh is full of twisted streets but Canton Avenue is steeper than all others. Total length of Canton Avenue is 192 meters or 630 feet. While travelling three meters distance on this road, you automatically climb 1.1 meters. A part of the sidewalk is actually stairs.

Pittsburgh's famous "Dirty Dozen" cycle race covers 12 crooked roads including Canton Avenue. Following is a short clip of the Canton Avenue section of the race, courtsey Youtube.

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