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A Pooch's Dream - A poem    by Shukti Kumar


I am Maggi Labrador adopted by my master
A wooly ball of one month or soon after

I have known no other worldly emotion
Except my masters' love & affection

They reared & nursed me like their own child
When I was desolate & weather went wild

They cuddled me in their warm bosom
Like a tender fluffy & delicate blossom

I lay & slept curled up dreaming there
Their consoling heart beats in my tiny ear

Now I am grown up member of the household
Basking in the sheer bliss under the family fold

I know a dog's life is short & I will pass away
Breaking those kind hearts by going away

I wish they won't mourn my early demise
Instead, adopt another pup of my breed & size

To fill up the painful void sooner than later
To continue this love saga for ever


© Anurag Sharma