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Shed Some Blood - A funny story    by Anurag Sharma


Milky Singh is not his real name. But he likes being called as Milky Singh since his real name Doodh Nath Singh does not match with the image of a modern executive. Ms. Chako first conceived this new name for him and it became popular very fast.

Milky Singh is not very nice to me but I know that deep inside his heart he is a Good Samaritan. He keeps looking for opportunities to help others in need. He works in my office and since he is my boss, I have to listen to his random acts of kindness more often than you can imagine.

When he was walking past New Delhi railway station, he saw an old man covered in rotten rags in a cold evening. Milky Singh went to a nearby tea stall and bought a cup of cheapest tea for the old man to save him from cold weather. That happened a few years ago and I have to listen to it almost every week. Similarly when his seven year old downloaded a short clip from some animal lover's website about atrocities on animals in slaughterhouses, Milky refrained from meat for one dinner to save unfortunate creatures from suffering. Though I did not understand how refraining from meat for one dinner can save animals from suffering, I could never ask him because the boss is always right.

He got a little uneasy when he came to know that Mr. Reddy was collecting money and clothes to send for hurricane victims in Orissa[1]. He also wanted to do something good so he came to me. A good boss always approaches his assistant while looking for great ideas about becoming famous.

"I am a wise man. I know the importance of money and savings...” he asked, “How can I help someone by donating something without spending any money on it?”

I looked around to get some ideas to help him. I got one instantly when I saw a poster displaying the famous quote of Subhash Chandra Bose[2], “Give me blood, and I will give you freedom.”

Camille Beckman

“Shed some blood”, I said.

“What are you talking?” My words upset him, "Do I look like an assassin?"

“I mean...donate blood...Sir!” I stuttered to correct myself, “Your blood can save a life.”

Mrs. Khan who was overhearing our discussion found an opportunity to please Milky.

“Giving blood is dangerous Sir. My husband got fainted when he gave blood…” She said “When his brother saw him; he too got fainted without giving any blood. It took two weeks and several kilograms of keema[3] for them to recover.”

“Great! My keema-powered blood can save a life or probably more” He jumped.

He immediately fixed an appointment with the blood bank. He arrived at the blood bank next morning after having a heavy dose of keema.

“Are you ready?” the nurse asked him after initial testing and paper work.

“No, I am Singh. Mr. Reddy is my colleague” Milky corrected the nurse, “He has a striking resemblance with me. Many people get confused.”


He was taken to the place. The nurse punctured his arm with a thicker-than-his-imagination needle. His arm developed a feeling of burning. He wanted to cry but he couldn't when he saw that next to him was a lady in her late sixties donating blood. After all he was young and brave and he was here for a cause.

The process was taking pretty long. He started thinking how somebody's life would be saved with help of his blood. It may even be used in battlefield to save a wounded soldier whose life may change the result of the war. He assumed that he was a war hero. He even imagined himself being decorated with the highest military honor by the president on Republic Day celebration.

In between the dream of bravery, he had some temporary thoughts of worry too. He did not understand why these people had to take so much blood from him. Is it because he comes from a family of warriors?

The nurse approached him with a smile, “Are you OK? Relaxing?”

“Sorry Sister, Rilek Singh is my brother, I am Milky Singh”, he corrected the nurse again.

“How long would it take to complete the process?” by now he was fed up with the burning sensation."

“It is over”, the nurse said while taking the needle out and putting a bandage on the scar.

He jumped down from the seat to walk towards the drink stand to get some fruit juice when he felt giddy. By the time he realized, he fell on the floor. Last thing he remembered was that some nurses and doctors were running to hold him.

I would have never known the rest of the story had office driver Sunil not been accompanying Milky that day. Sunil told that Milky was taken to emergency room where he was given double the blood he donated that day before being released.
Mrs. Khan visited his home with a get-well-soon card and flowers. No, she presented Milky with a card and a box full of keema. Miky Singh was an entirely different man when he joined office after taking bed rest for several days. Later in a staff meeting he whole-heartedly appreciated the social work being done by Mr. Reddy, signed an appreciation letter and recommended cash reward for him.


[1] Orissa is an Indian state at east coast.
[2] Bose, Subhash Chandra (1897–1945), Indian nationalist who founded Indian National Army to fight British Imperialism.
[3] Keema is an Indian non-vegetarian dish made by ground meat.

© Anurag Sharma